Lightweight news for blind rivet nut up to M6

The XT206 blind rivet nut tool is our latest, in-house developed model, weighing in at just 1.3 kg. The lightweight construction means the tool is easy to use, which is a clear benefit for anyone needing an efficient solution for installing blind rivet nuts up to M6.

Like other tools in the XT series, the 206 model comes equipped with our unique Setting Process Control, SPC, guaranteeing all rivet nuts are set the same.

What’s special about Lindova’s tools are their air-hydraulic operation, allowing for both stable construction and saving weight, minimizing, not least of all, the strain on you as a user.

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Major order from the US for Band Cutters and Hole Punches

Saw blade manufacturer Lenox Tools in the US has invested in lots of Lindova’s TA12A-527 and TA13-725 band cutters at their manufacturing site in Massachusetts. Lenox Tools has also bought a number of H4/5-D433 and H7/6-730 hole punches. The order is a breakthrough on the US market for these kinds of tools.


Air hydraulic hand-held tools for demanding industrial production

Looking for a powerful air hydraulic tool for cutting steel band, punching holes or assembling blind-rivet nuts and easy enough to use for service assignments and mobile enough for easy access?

Welcome to Lindova! We manufacture a series of hand-held tools that we developed at our facilities in Lindesberg, in the heart of Bergslagen, mid-Sweden, that effectively carry out minor, but demanding processes in mass production manufacturing.

Lindova's hand-held tools have been used for many years by industrial engineering, automotive, construction, white-goods, electronics, ventilation and steel band and wire companies. You will find them in use by companies throughout Europe including at Volvo Cars, ESAB, Scania, Electrolux, Sandvik and SNA.

The product range consists of 20 or so standard models. Lindova also develops customized tools, where customers benefit from a range of more than 500 customized tools for hole punching, cutting, bending, riveting and other applications.

Contact us for more details of how Lindova can help you with user-friendly tools that minimize strain on hands and arms.